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To Our Clients

Dear Friends:

In the past few years, I have been afforded the opportunity to become very involved in the accounting profession at the state of Florida. During this time, I have established an independent bookkeeping Services firm where I will have more flexibility in the range of financial services offered to clients.

Effective September 11, 2013, I have established Rocha’s Bookkeeping Services Inc. that will strive to help my clients reach their financial goals and evaluate the various financial decisions that they face. My new firm seeks to provide cutting-edge planning strategies on a proactive basis.

In addition, RBKSE will be a financial advisory firm providing comprehensive financial planning services that delivers high quality financial planning advice with a full support system for implementation and technical expertise.

My basic goal is to assist my clients in every aspect of their financial lives by providing the most personal service available. I will strive to help you create financial stability and security in order to reach financial independence. The primary focus for my clients is success through financial education. I will empower you with the knowledge to make intelligent choices regarding your individual financial situation. I will work with you to coordinate the activities of your investment.

Another goal in the comprehensive financial planning is to have a notebook (whether physical or virtual) that contains all the pertinent financial information. The first and most important benefit of accumulating this information is to help you evaluate your current financial situation and to set goals for the future. The secondary benefit is to your family for such time that one of them may need this information.

Concerning the cost for services, my first commitment to you is that your fees for compliance services that you have had in the past will remain similar to what you have paid in the past. I will discuss with you personally the need for and benefit of any additional services and related fees.

If you have any questions, please call me at 305-505-6444 or contact me at


Francisco Rocha