* Tax return preparation for all type of federal and state filings including individuals, partnerships, corporations, sub-s corporations.  Yes we absolutely are interested in and willing to prepare the small returns.

* Basic accounting services including preparation of payroll, preparation of payroll reports, preparation of accounts payable, processing for accounts receivables and a full line of bookkeeping services to record your transactions in the general ledger, reconcile your bank account and produce your financial statements.

* Consulting services in a wide variety of areas to assist you with developing budgets, strategic plans and helping you as a sounding board for management of your business or family finances.


According to CPA , 32% of businesses fail due to financial mismanagement and out of failed businesses 12% have poor or no records/books .


The importance of book-keeping cannot be stressed enough, and I will jot down just some of the reasons why it is so important for the health or even life of your business.

  1. Better financial analysis and management.
  2. Tax returns made easier.
  3. Asking for funding/ loans from a bank requires financial statements.
  4. business planning so much easier
  5. separating personal and business funds
  6. Record-keeping required by law for 5 years after the transaction occurs

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